The Female Members’ Professional Development Support Initiative

This is designed to employ the reservoir of knowledge in the ASRF in order to provide advice and counsel to the female members of the African Studies and Research Forum on matters relating to their professional development—job search, publication (preparation and issues of access), tenure, and promotion, etc.

 The Members’ Publication Support Initiative

This would entail the provision of advice and counsel to the members of the ASRF on the various issues related to publication, including manuscript preparation for books, monographs, book chapter and journal articles, publication outlets for books, monographs and journal articles, and the related issue of access to these publication outlets.

The Members’ Tenure and Promotion Support Initiative

This would entail the provision of advice and counsel to the members of the ASRF, who are applying for tenure and promotion at their respective institutions.

The Partnerships with Africa Initiative: Collaboration with African Communities, Universities and Research Institutes

The thrust of this activity is to develop a strong relationship with the African continent, through projects that contribute substantively to the development of African communities, universities and research institutes. ASRF focuses on undertaking various joint projects and other activities that directly enhance security, growth and development. The Initiative also seeks to establish partnerships with ten (10) African universities—two each in Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern, and West Africa—and four research institutes.

The Summer Institute for Graduate Students at African Universities Initiative

Under this Initiative, the ASRF will organize and conduct an Institute each summer focusing either on a particular discipline or a cluster of disciplines for selected graduate students at various African universities.  The venue of the “Institute” will rotate each year among the various regions of the continent.

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