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Call for Applications: Editor & Associate Editor, Journal of African Studies & Research

The African Studies and Research Forum (ASRF) is soliciting applications for the positions of Editor and Associate Editor of its peer-reviewed Journal of African Studies and Research. The goal of the journal is to become one of the top periodicals in African Studies with a high impact factor and substantial submissions and readership. The editorship of this journal is a great opportunity to support the research enterprise and public mission of the ASRF and to promote its rich diversity of interests and theoretical and methodological approaches.

The responsibilities of the Editor, supported by the Associated Editor, include (a) providing overall leadership and direction for the content of the journal, (b) soliciting submissions and arranging peer reviews of manuscripts, (c) responding to authors in a timely way, (d) working with the journal’s publisher throughout the production process, and (e) ensuring that issues of appropriate length are published as scheduled each year in a timely manner.

The Editor, with the assistance of the Associate Editor, is also responsible for convening and working with an Editorial Board of his/her choosing to help set the direction for the journal and establish and implement major editorial policies. The terms for both positions are three years.

An applicant for either position should include in his/her application packages (a) a vision statement, (b) a brief description of his/her qualifications, (c) an explanation of proposed staff organization and responsibilities, (d) a description of the financial and technical support provided by the host institution, (e) a statement of support from the applicant’s home institution, and (f) a curriculum vita.

Members of the Research and Publications Committee (RPC) will evaluate the applications and recommend the candidates for Editor and Associate Editor to the Executive Committee (EC), which will make the appointment. Application packages should be submitted via E-mail (asrf2018bangura@gmail.com) to Abdul Karim Bangura, Chair of the RPC, no later than October 31, 2017. All applications will be treated confidentially.



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